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Our conference venue is at Dobra 55, the building near to the University of Warsaw Library (Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, BUW),  address: Dobra 56/66, Warsaw.

Nearest metro station is Centrum Nauki Kopernik, some 8 minutes walk away. Buses number 115, 108 and 127 stop right outside the building.


Location on Google Maps:


Poland is one of the Schengen countries. If you do not have a valid Schengen visa, you will need to apply for one in due time. Please consult visa information on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in your country.

Please consult this website to find the addresses and contact details of Polish embassies worldwide:

Health insurance

EU-residents: European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – access to public healthcare provided in Poland at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free.

For more see:

Non-EU residents are advised to arrange appropriate health insurance ahead of travel.

Please note that in some countries not all insurance companies are approved for issuing insurance for travel to Schengen states. Please consult the website of the Polish mission to your country to check which companies can be used.


Money and tickets

In case you have no Polish currency (i.e. Polish złoty/zł/PLN), you will find ATM machines at the airport and the railway station. You can also use money exchange offices, called ‘Kantor’ in Polish.  Using ATMs and paying by card may be a better option financially, as exchange offices at airports and in tourist areas tend to offer not the best exchange rates.

For public transport, you should buy tickets before boarding. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines, kiosks (news vendors) and in some shops. Please remember to validate/activate your ticket once you begin your journey. In many (but NOT ALL) buses and trams, tickets can also be bought inside from coin- or card-operated ticket machines (Note: tickets bought inside a bus from a card-operated machine are already validated and for immediate use only). Bus drivers do not sell tickets.

For rides exceeding 20 minutes you will need a 4,40 PLN ticket (valid for 75 minutes and you can change buses/trams/ local trains), for those up to 20 minutes it is 3,40 PLN. There are also 24-hour tickets (15,00 PLN) valid for as many rides as you wish from the time of its validation.

For more details on public transport in Warsaw (timetable, fares etc.):

By plane

Below you can find the most important information about the access to and from the airport. For more details please see: and

From Warsaw Chopin Airport

  1. There are no direct buses that will get you to the venue, and we recommend you take one of the registered taxis or an Uber (see point 3 below).
  2. Bus no. 175 that operates just outside the terminal and will get you to central Warsaw and the University area (get off at the stop “Uniwersytet 02” just next to the University main gate). The bus ride takes approx. 40 minutes depending on traffic. Please note that the venue is some 15 minutes of walk away from the main campus, and it might not be convenient to use this route with luggage. Instead of walking, you can take the bus no. 105 from the “Uniwersytet 01” stop to the venue (stop “Biblioteka uniwersytecka”).
  3. Taxi: Ele Taxi, Super Taxi and Sawa Taxi licensed corporations operate from the airport and can be found just outside the terminal. The taxi fare to the city centre is approx. 40-50 PLN. In many taxis, you cannot pay with card, only cash (złoty) is accepted.

Please AVOID taxi drivers soliciting customers inside the terminal and DO NOT take just any taxi, because in most cases you would have to pay much more than you need (this also applies to travels within the city).

An Uber ride from the airport, depending on the time, should be between 25 and 40 PLN.

You can also consult the Airport’s website:

From Warsaw Modlin Airport (only Ryanair flights)

Please consult:

The easiest way is to take a bus (regular ticket 33 PLN). For more details please see:

An Uber ride from Modlin Airport to the venue should cost between 110-150 PLN, depending on the timing.

By train

If you arrive at ‘Dworzec Centralny’ (Central Railway Station), walk in the underground passage towards Marriott Hotel. Right below Marriott, you will find the bus stop “Dw. Centralny 01”. Take the bus no. 127, and get off some 15-20 minutes later at “Biblioteka Uniwersytecka 02”, right next to the venue.

You can also take a taxi from a licensed taxi stand, which you can find on both sides of the station: Ele Taxi operates from the stand facing Hotel Marriott and Sawa Taxi from the stand facing Złote Tarasy shopping mall. The taxi fare to the University Library is approx. 30-35 PLN.

Please AVOID taxi drivers soliciting customers and DO NOT take just any taxi.

An Uber should cost between 20 and 30 PLN.


The whole of the centre of Warsaw is a paying parking zone (from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm). It can be difficult to find parking space in the venue’s vicinity.


Warsaw generally is a safe city and most likely you will not face any problem. Petty crime, however, exists and travellers should be on guard against pickpockets working on bus routes by the airport and the railway station. Please remember to use clearly marked taxis of licensed corporations (a few names have been given above); you will find their list and numbers here:

Usually in Warsaw people call cabs by phone in advance instead of hailing them in the street. The operators speak English and waiting time is normally around 10 minutes. Uber is readily available, and cheaper than regular taxis.